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543018-P BMC Series

543018-P-BMC Series – High-Precision Professional Tile Cutter
For cutting a wide variety of ceramic tiles, such as: porcelain tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles and most other ceramic tiles in general.


  • High precision manual tile cutter
  • Aluminium base
  • Sliding carriage with linear ball bearings
  • Double-rail system and wheel on pole offering a good visibility of the cutting wheel
  • Strong handle
  • Separator with magnet
  • Pivoting square (model 600) / Pivoting ruler (model 900)
  • Lateral extensions for large-sized tiles
  • Cutting wheel assembled on pole (art. no. 470501-8mm)
  • Delivered with BMC carrying case
Item No. Cutting Wheel Max. Cutting Length Max. Cutting Diagonal (Tile Size) Max. Tile Thickness Box Dimensions Weight
543018-P-600 BMC Art. no.: 470501-8mm.
Ø 8 x 1.5 x 2mm.
600mm 420mm x 420mm 14mm 935mm x 395mm x 205mm 13.0kg
543018-P-900 BMC Art. no.: 470501-8mm.
Ø 8 x 1.5 x 2mm.
900mm 630mm x 630mm 14mm 1255mm x 395mm x 205mm 19.0kg

Product Presentations

543018-P 600 EN 201101 (click)

543018-P 900 EN 201101 (click

543018-P 600 FR 201101 (click)

543018-P 900 FR 201101 (click)

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