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540951 Series

540951 Series – Top-Professional Tile Cutter

For cutting very hard ceramic tiles as well as delicate materials, such as: porcelain tiles, hard ceramic floor tiles, tiles with uneven surfaces, delicate ceramic tiles.


  • Manual tile cutter
  • Robust design, suitable for cutting very hard tiles
  • Large cross-section rail
  • Strong handle
  • High precision cutting
  • Sliding carriage mounted on ball bearings
  • Locking system for the sliding carriage in stationary position
  • Spring-loaded working tables
  • Large pivoting laser-engraved ruler
  • Small separator for narrow cuts and thin tiles (<10 mm)
  • Large separator for wide cuts and thick tiles (>10 mm)
  • Heavy-duty, high strength, long life cutting wheel mounted on ball bearing
  • Lateral extensions for large-sized tiles
  • Tool box for tools and accessories
  • Guiding handgrip and rollers for moving the tile cutter


Item No. Cutting Wheel Max. Cutting Length  Max. Cutting Diagonal (Tile Size) Max. Tile Thickness Box Dimensions Weight
540951-600 Art. no.: 470502P.
Ø 22 x 6 x 6(2)mm.
600mm  420mm x  420mm 18mm 860mm x 335mm x 250mm 15.0kg
540951-750 Art. no.: 470502P.
Ø 22 x 6 x 6(2)mm.
750mm 530mm x 530mm 18mm 1010mm x 335mm x 250mm 17.0kg
540951-900 Art. no.: 470502P.
Ø 22 x 6 x 6(2)mm.
900mm 630mm x 630mm 18mm 1160mm x 335mm x 250mm 19.0kg
540951-1350 Art. no.: 470502P.
Ø 22 x 6 x 6(2)mm.
1350mm 950mm x 950mm 18mm 1610mm x 335mm x 250mm 25.0kg


User’s Manuals

Manual 540951-600 190226 (click)

Manual 540951-750 190226 (click)

Manual 540951-900 190226 (click)

Manual 540951-1350 190226 (click)

Product Presentations

540951-600 EN 190131 (click)

540951-600 FR 190131 (click)

540951-600 DE 190131 (click)

540951-900 EN 190131 (click)

540951-900 FR 190131 (click)

540951-900 DE 190131 (click)

Detailed Manuals

540951 series Detailed Manual EN Rev 190917

540951 series Detailed Manual FR Rev 190917

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